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Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP

Pon and Pupis, two puppies bought by a family shortly after being born, are brutally abandoned. Alone and lost in the middle of the city, they only have each other for survival in a world that rejects them. Together they must find enough courage to undertake the long journey that is to take them again to their true home.

Help them in the long path that awaits them and give them back the joy that men's cruelty took from them.

  • 6 levels with several sublevels each one
  • 1 or 2 players mode
  • Beautiful graphics plenty of colors
  • Go through a rocky zone, swim in a deep lake, cross a snowy mountain and enter in a haunted castle

"You'll fall in love with Fur Puppies!"


Now Fur Puppies runs on Windows 10 and fits on any Display Mode, keeping the original taste of 90's arcade games

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Select level

In the Select Puppy screen, type:


where L is the level and S the section
Example: "GOTO63" starts at level 6 section 3

God mode

During the game, type:


Type it again to return to normal mode


Copyright 1997-2020 Besuau S.L.U. All rights reserved